Take it from me, after just a few charters from TMM, we joined the fleet with Cool Change.  You'll see the same people checking you in and out every time you charter.  It's their people that make TMM my management company of choice.

From TMM... "As a smaller company we have time for our guests, so whatever you need to make your charter special; the perfect yacht, champagne on arrival or help with wedding plans, our staff will be delighted to help you. Our website offers all the information you need to feel comfortable about your charter. "

TMM has everything you'll need to begin your charter,  Cool Change will be just cleaned with made up nicely for your arrival.  TMM offers snorkel gear, paddle boards, water, ice, and is readily available for anything else you may need.  Have you seen Joyce in the TMM magazine advertisements.  She'll be there every morning with a special cup of coffee.  Ask her what's in it and you won't be disappointed. 

From the base, Andrew is readily available with a cab to anywhere on the island.  To start, a voucher will be left on Cool Change for Andrew to bring two shoppers to the Rite Way market.  Sharky's Restaurant is right next to the marina, a Rite Way convenience store is on the corner, and The Pub restaurant is right up the road.

More information about chartering Cool Change is available at SailTMM.com.  As the owner of Cool Change, I'm pleased to be your personal liaison to Cool Change through TMM or your broker of choice.