Hurricane Dorian Relief

I’t seems as if my blog has turned to one of hurricane relief. After becoming intimately involved in the Caribbean, my heart sank seeing the devastation in Haiti, launching the Cool Change relief effort. When the Irma Maria combination struct the Virgin Islands, I really understood the disaster of a hurricane by first hand accounts of friends and acquaintances. We greatly exceeded our $100 per charter goal to help them. We are faced with the destruction of hurricane Dorian. Having sailed through the Grand Bahama and other low lying Bahamian islands, I can only imagine a far worse scenario than ever before in the Caribbean. Of many worthy charities participating in the relief, we have chosen Global Empowerment Mission for our donation. The near-term goal of the organization is to empower people struck with tragedy by providing emergency aid, cash cards, food and housing. Secondary, GEM provides quality education, diverse vocational training and job creation to people in third world countries such as Haiti. The objective is for people in developing countries to have a self-sufficient and sustainable economy, ultimately eliminating their dependency on foreign aid.

Please find your charity of choice and give generously.

Hurricane Irma

While so much has been written about hurricane Irma, there are so few words that can really express the devastation that hurricane leaves in its wake.  Images and videos have provided the gut wrenching reality.

Cool Change is heavily supporting our friends in the BVI this year so that their lives my grow toward normalcy again.  If you've chartered through TMM, perhaps you'd be interested too.  Here is a link for TMM at

This fund is not for Cool Change, yacht owners, or TMM.  It will be used directly to support the recovery of the staff and their families who have been left with nothing.  Thank you for your support.

Thank you from Habitat Haiti

Our team in Haiti would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your recent donation to Habitat for Humanity Haiti. With the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew your gift is so important.

We are happy to report that all of our staff and their families are safe and were unharmed.  Our project sites received very minimal damage from the hurricane and we have been able to help other families in those areas.  While our projects and staff are located in and near the Port au Prince area, the hardest hit area was in the southern peninsula of Haiti.

Habitat is working in coordination with other humanitarian groups to help support a disaster response effort in the area.  By partnering with other organizations we will develop a strategic plan to be most effective.  Plans include emergency shelter kits, community clean up, community infrastructure and more.

Your support will help us not only continue our current projects without disruption, but allow us to expand our opportunities to serve those most deeply impacted by the hurricane.  You can follow updates on our social media channels and the links are provided below my signature line.

Thanks again for your support of Habitat for Humanity Haiti!

Many Blessings,
Natalie for the team in Haiti

Natalie Nuce
Resource Development and Communications Manager
Connect with Habitat for Humanity on social media:

Habitat for Humanity - Haiti

It was with great trepidation that I watched the Matthew pass south of the Virgin Islands.  Haiti was of particular concern as I saw the forecasted track of the hurricane.  The cone of uncertainly left little to be uncertain for poverty stricken Haiti.  Now learning of the severe devastation, we must continue to support our neighbors in the Caribbean as they manage yet another natural disaster in continued poverty.  Please join me in helping those in need.

To begin, I am donating $100 for every charter of our first season and will continue to donate $100 for each additional charter.

Open for Business

The shakedown cruise was flawless. TMM did an excellent job in the commissioning of Cool Change.  Everything was ready and working as it should be.

The best feature of the 450 is the bridge deck.  There is room for the entire group up there, either all on the bench, or longing forward of the helm.  Almost all of our time underway was spent up top.

Sail handling was all from the cockpit.  I single handed Cool Change the whole time.  Good close, beam, and broad reach performance for a cat.

One of my upcoming charterers was concerned about the audio system.  I am a critic, and found it to be among the best I've found on bareboat charter yachts.  Speakers on the bridge, in the cockpit, and in the salon, all adjustable through the B&G chartplotter.  The blue tooth connectivity from the bridge to the salon was great and there is a 12V outlet on the bridge for long sailing days. 

The view from the navigation desk is great.  I've been on too many charter boats without good visibility, and with no chart plotter at the desk.  It only takes one time in a storm with a touch screen chart plotter in the rain, and you'll splurge for the second chart plotter.  Again, take if from a single hander, you'll appreciate the dual B&G chart plotters.

The hardtop bimini was an option I floundered on.  Thankfully, TMM talked me into this feature.  Not only did I enjoy the sun protection, but I also thankful for the working platform when zipping the sail cover.  It also provided good hand holds while moving around the bridge deck.

The generator and air conditioning were a welcome relief.  The few extra degrees of summer, combined with light nighttime wind, made for a hot cabin.  Each state room and the salon has it's own controls, so everybody is happy.

Historically, marine refrigeration has been a problem with my past charters.  I don't know why these worked so well, but both refrigerators and the freezer worked perfectly and without complaint, quiet, too.  Extra Cool Change Koozies have been left aboard to keep you drinks cold!

Sorry, didn't cook a thing on the boat except bagels and coffee.  I did check the gas valve, and light everything, but didn't put it to use.  I was glad to see gimbles on the stove, even on a stable cat.  It was nice to have a microwave, too.

TMM has installed a 2500W upgraded inverter.  I was pleased that the microwave, a hair dryer, a toaster, all worked without the generator.  Of course, the battery draw was high for a short time, but no trips.  Perhaps all new boats are this good.

Please contact me with any questions about Cool Change.  It's one of my favorite topics!

Cheers, Kevin.

Cool Change is Ready

It's been a long time since we bought her...February.  The factory had to build her, the delivery crew spent 5 weeks crossing the Atlantic.  The the base has to outfit her.  They added the boat name, fly bridge hard top, upgraded inverter, the dingy, and all the comforts of home.  TMM did a great job with bookings, there is not an opening until late January 2016 and they are still going fast.  I'll be down there in a couple weeks for the shakedown cruise.  Can't wait!!